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Begin today to enjoy ALL the benefits of Membership in the NEW Bolder BARRE Virtual Studio. Fun CHALLENGES plus a Wide selection of high quality full-length classes PLUS shorter workouts with searchable listings.  New content added often.


BolderBARRE Classes

Choose from a full searchable library of our Signature low-impact, full body workouts set to motivating music.

Dozens of full-length and Express classes and new entries often.


28 Day On-demand fitness program designed to "Kick-Start" your fitness. It's carefully designed as a complete workout program to cover all the bases of a balanced routine -- strength, cardio, flexibility and dynamic recovery -- all in just 25-40 minutes a day!  Variety, Intensity, Consistency produce results.

TARGET & TONE! Workouts

Target & Tone! is an exclusive selection of Strength, Cardio, Circuit and Stretch shorter workouts - excellent to focus on a specific body area - or when you're short on time.


A full Library of Vinyasa & Power Yoga classes plus PILATES and special focus workouts and meditations.

All this for $39 /month

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