TEN Reasons Why BolderBARRE Is Your Best Home Workout!

home workout Jul 24, 2020
  1. Challenging to Muscles, Kind to Joints. The small, precise movements in BolderBARRE classes reduce pressure on your joints, tendons and ligaments. With regular practice, you will notice significant improvement in your core strength and posture. A tight, toned core will give you a taller, leaner appearance, and keep you safe from injuries. 
  2. Modifications for Every Level of Fitness. Everyone has different starting points. Worried you won’t be able to keep up? I got you! Most moves can be modified whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or are working through an injury. Advanced options are also given for those looking for more of a challenge. Every one will be challenged at their own level. That’s the beauty of Barre. 
  3. It’s a Total Body Workout. Each class will leave you feeling completely WORKED and satisfyingly accomplished. You’ll feel strengthened, stretched and yet energized and invigorated. It truly does create a ‘Barre High’.
  4. Work Muscles to Fatigue. BolderBARRE’s small, precise movements coupled with high reps, are designed to work muscles to the point of fatigue. Embrace The Shake – that shaking you feel means you are exhausting the muscle and forcing it to tone.  And that’s a good thing! 
  5. Increased Flexibility. Due to its form-focused stretching, improved flexibility and range-of-motion is one of the many benefits of BolderBARRE. Classes build both strength and flexibility - allowing you to enjoy an active life free of injuries.
  6. Lost Inches and Weight. BolderBARRE targets several of the body’s largest muscle groups, like thighs and glutes. The larger the muscle, the more calories burned. With regular classes, you will build lean muscle, which raises your resting metabolic rate, which means you’ll torch more calories even at rest! Even more important than a number on a scale, BolderBARRE workouts will help you drop a size by redistributing inches on your body – making you look and feel longer and leaner. Pairing BolderBARRE workouts with a healthy diet, will accelerate your results.
  7. Greater Range of Motion and Endurance for Other Activities and Sports. BolderBARRE targets core muscles that are often neglected in conventional strength training or fitness classes. BolderBARRE is fantastic cross-training to enhance and improve your other activities. Golfers and tennis players may notice greater hip openness and movement allowing for a better swing. Runners often find increased endurance, greater hamstring flexibility and reduced impact on joints. 
  8. Rapid Results. With regular classes, you can see some major results in little time – so commit to it!  Taking class 3-4 times a week, you will start to notice changes in the first few weeks. Look for improved posture, leaner thighs, flatter abs, chiseled arms, a sculpted back, and a tighter, lifted seat. Barre classes were designed to target and transform the so-called 'problem' areas, especially for women.
  9. Never Boring, Always Fun. You’ll find that the class time passes quickly due to the fast pace, variety of exercises, upbeat music, and, well, let’s face it … your instructor can be pretty entertaining! ;)
  10. Very little new Equipment is required! BolderBARRE workouts largely use body weight and common light hand weights. A chair back will work well as a Barre, and inexpensive bands provide all the resistance you’ll need. A yoga mat will help prevent slips on tile floors. It’s a GREAT way to maintain your fitness discipline in even as little as 20 minutes a day. 

There’s a good reason why Barre fitness is so popular. Give it a try and soon your body will reflect your hard work.  Are you ready for some serious body sculpting? 

Boldly, RITA


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