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Welcome to the Bolder BARRE / Living BOLDER Virtual Studio!

Delivering RESULTS in fitness, health and well-being to our clients through a varied program of the highest quality exercise classes, taught by a highly experienced fitness professional. Join a fun and supportive online Community of like-minded people. Wide selection of high quality full-length classes PLUS shorter workouts and searchable listings. New content added often.

28-Day Challenge!

The 28 Day Challenges Programs are carefully designed, complete workout programs: Strength, Circuit/HIIT Core, Mobility and Dynamic Recovery -- all in just 22-40 minutes a day!  

Variety, Intensity and Consistency are the keys to effective fitness. The Challenges include Barre, Core training, Circuit/HIIT Training and Dynamic Recovery workouts.  Also: bonus segments you can do anytime.  

printable workout calendar helps keep yourself accountable and schedule your daily workout.

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Bolder BARREĀ® on Demand

Transform your body with our Signature low-impact, full body workout set to motivating music. Sculpt and strengthen your whole body – toned arms, leaner thighs, flatter abs and lifted seat. Cardio interval bursts help torch calories and keep your heart rate elevated.  Students at all fitness levels will find fun, challenge and RESULTS.

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Yoga & Pilates

Vinyasa Yoga synchronizes movement with breath, linking postures together into a flowing practice, to build strength, aid in balance, and reduce stress. (All levels - sessions from 10m to 65m in length.) 

Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice; more dynamic with a focus on building strength. 

Pilates Hard Core targets the “Powerhouse” of the body: your core muscles, inner thighs and low back. Incorporating key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement and flexibility, occasional props (sliders and light hand weights) may be used.

Target & Tone! Segments on Demand

Target & Tone! is a selection of Strength, Cardio, Circuit, targeted body-part training, Stretch & Dynamic Recovery workouts. Excellent for when you when you want to work on a specific body area - or don't have time for a full-length workout - or when you'd like to add a set! Shorter sessions from 5m to 35m length.

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Live & In-Person! Private, Semi-Private Training.

We will soon be announcing a NEW STUDIO arrangement that will allow Rita to offer elite VIP In-Studio Private and Semi-Private Training. Unlimited Members will enjoy Priority in bookings.

Unlimited Monthly Membership!

Access to ALL online Classes, Workouts and Challenge Programs in BolderBarre, Yoga, Pilates and Target & Tone sections. PLUS Membership in the Living Bolder Online Community and Private FB Group. More than 150 classes with new content added often. Monthly recurring autopay, cancel any time.


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